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( Q ) What If The Weather Doesn't Cooperate?

( A ) Treetop Quest is an outdoor activity. Although the courses are underneath the forest canopy, you will still be outdoors and should dress appropriately for the weather.

During the summer months the park is shaded by trees and stays several degrees cooler than direct sunlight. When it rains, the park is slightly shielded by the canopy, but you should still prepare to get wet. Rain jackets are recommended.

Rain policy: Rain adds another level of adventure to Treetop Quest, and kids especially love visiting the park in the rain. We do not close for rain because the equipment is water-friendly. All courses will remain open through rain and, thus, reservations will not be refunded or rescheduled.

The park is staffed according to reservations, and other customers potentially turned away. When reservations are cancelled on short notice we still have the same expenses. Please dress appropriately and prepare for an adventure in our trees... RAIN OR SHINE!

Storm policy: During thunder and lightning the courses will temporarily close until it is safe to resume the activity. If you arrive and we are forced to close the park for the remainder of the day due to storms, you will receive a rain check to visit the park another day, depending on how far you are into your reservation.

Unless we notify you otherwise, reservations are still valid and our cancellation policy still applies. If we notify you for park closure due to storms, we will gladly reschedule your reservation at no cost to you.

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