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( Q ) Where Is Old Mountain Outdoor Adventures Located?

( A ) Google Map Link to Old Mountain Outdoor Adventures  -  We are located at 90 Old Mountain Road in Winona, MS. Follow this Google link for directions.

( Q ) What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

( A ) Our hours of operation vary throughout the year due to many factors including but not limited to available day light hours, return of the school year, holidays, special events, etc. Please call us to verify our hours and discuss special non operating hour and after hour bookings and reservations. We are available to answer questions and provide additional infomration. Smilply call us at (662) 516-9722.

( Q ) What Kind Of Activities Do You Have At Old Mountain Outdoor Activities?

( A ) Our courses are a combination of treetop obstacles and zip lines. Unlike a typical guided canopy tour, our activity is self guided and participants are able to move at their own pace through the trees after a safety/ equpiment briefing. Courses range from easy to very challenging, start close to the ground and become progressively higher. All courses are independent to allow participation according to individual comfort levels. We have course available for the entire family, ages 4 and up.

Course access is dependent upon participant age. We understand that each individual has different capabilities, but please understand that we are required to follow these age limits without exception, regardless of height or ability.

Due to industry standards, insurance requirements and physical limitations due to age, zip lines are accessible starting at 7 years old. We have other adventure activities that are great for 4-6 year olds, but they do not have zip lines.

( Q ) Do I Need to Make a Reservation?

( A ) *** Please Note: Participating minors must have a waiver signed by parent or legal guardian! ***

Old Mountain Outdoor Adventures accepts walk-ins according to availability, however, reservations are recommended especially during peak hours. Tickets can be purchased online in advance. We do not take same day reservations online. If you are bringing a larger group and do not know an exact headcount, please call us to set up your reservation.

With a close approximate headcount we can set up a group reservation and add it to our bookings with a deposit. A deposit will hold your chosen adventure date and time for your group with the remaining balance due based on the final headcount at the time you check in at park on the day of your activity. Spaces are held and staff scheduled according to reservations, so we do not refund deposits if your group is significantly smaller than expected.

During summer months we host many groups so walk-in availability is often limited. For this reason, reservations are strongly encouraged. To check same-day availability, please call us directly.

( Q ) Do I Need To Sign A Waiver?

( A ) Each participant and visitor must have a waiver signed before entering into the park. Including those who are not participating in adventure activities. Adults must sign their own waiver. Spouses may not sign for each other. Participating minors MUST have a waiver signed by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN. Grandparents, siblings, friends, or any adult other than a parent or legal guardian are unable to sign a waiver for participating minors. The waiver is available on our website and extra copies are available at admission for those who don't sign ahead of time

( Q ) What Time Do I Need To Arrive At The Park?

( A ) Please plan to arrive 25-30 minutes in advance to check in and take last minute restroom breaks before you begin your adventure.

Briefings start every hour. Arriving exactly at your scheduled time does not leave time to collect/sign waivers, check in, and take restroom breaks. If you run late we reserve the right to reschedule you to next available briefing. We always try and accommodate to the best our schedule will allow, but keep in mind you might be in a briefing with multiple kids, adults, and teens celebrating a birthday party.

Also, there may be others checking in at the same time. We do our best to check in everyone quickly, but during peak hours you may have to waits several minutes to check in. Plan accordingly, just in case.

Safety is our number one priority. We can not fit late arrivals into a briefing that has already started. We use specialized equipment and have park-specific rules you need to hear about in full before beginning the activity.

Late arrivals may lose time in the trees.

For check in, please be prepared with/to:

* Sign or turn in your waiver for today's visit
* Weigh in at the front desk (10 years and older)
* Verify proper clothing/shoes (closed toe shoes)

( Q ) What Should I Bring?

( A ) A copy of your reservation, if you made one. Or your season pass card, if you are a season pass holder.

A signed waiver. Participating minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. You can print these online, or we have extra copies at the front desk at the registration building.

Feel free to bring drinks and snacks; outside food is not prohibited. We do sell concessions on site. All food and drinks are required to remain in designated picnic areas. No food or drinks are allowed in courses or on trails.

Take as many photos as you like! There is an observation deck, benches, and trails near courses that provide spectacular viewing areas to watch friends and family playing in the treetops!

Closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing. Closed toe shoes are a *strict requirement.

Hair ties for longer hair is required. Rubber bands are provided if you forget to bring your own.

Bug spray if you are prone to insect bites.

Sunscreen for those hot sunny days. However, many activities are mostly shaded by trees.

A non participating adult if you have kids participating in Kids Quest and Kiddie Quest. These ages require an adult supervising from the ground for the duration of the activity. Please do not leave your kids unattended. Our staff is here to ensure safety on the courses and can not do this effectively and look after small children outside of their assigned course activity.

( Q ) What Should I NOT Bring?

( A ) Flip flops, sandals, or shoes that slip off easily (including Croc-type shoes). Closed-toe shoes are required for all participants.

Valuable items including jewelry, electronics, or sunglasses. It is recommended to leave these items on the ground since you will be at height during the activity. You are responsible for falling personal items that may hit a spectator, patron, or staff member. If an item falls and does not break, our forest floor is largely inaccessible due to plant underbrush.

Any unnecessary items. We will gladly store small personal items free of charge (car keys, cell phones, wallets) but please do not bring large bags if it can be avoided.

While it is feasible to wear backpacks during the activity, they tend to hinder movement, mobility, and balance. We recommend leaving them in your car or with our staff in storage.

We also prohibit weapons, grills, alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

( Q ) Can You Tell Me More About Equipment And Briefings?

( A ) When entering equipment deck our staff can store your small personal items. It is recommended to leave valuables either in your vehicle or in our storage container. Items such as keys, cell phones, cameras, sunglasses, and hats are not prohibited in the trees, but loose items can be broken or lost. After an awesome adventure we don't want anyone leaving sad because of lost or broken items! Any personal items stored by our staff are kept in our harness/equipment shed, inaccessible to visitors, free of charge.

It's required for every participant to carefully listen to a safety and equipment briefing led by our staff. After the briefing, our staff monitors as participants complete a practice course to demonstrate an understanding of the equipment and safety rules. Season pass holders may be able to skip the safety briefing, depending on frequency of visits, but practice course must be completed on each visit. Staff may require a season pass holder to attend a briefing regardless of visit frequency, depending on the performance at practice.

( Q ) Does Old Mountain Outdoor Adventures Offer Group Rates Or Discounts?

( A ) Yes, groups of 10+ participants will receive a 10% discount and groups of 20+ participants will receive a 20% discount. Police, law enforcement organizations, active military, and veterans receive a discount. Schools and churches receive discounts as well. Call to inquire. Discounts cannot be bundled and are not included in special promotions that OMOA may offer from time to time.

( Q ) Can I Have A Birthday Party At Old Mountain Outdoor Adventures?

( A ) We love hosting birthday adventures and strive to make this "the best birthday ever!" Birthday boy or girl receives a free adventure activity admission ticket if party includes 5+ guests participating in an adventure activity. Picnic table may be reserved for you and your guests for your time with us in the park with purchase of Treetop Quest Goody Bags ($7 each). Treetop Quest drawstring goody bags include several Treetop Quest souvenirs and a free drink coupon. Or, tables may be reserved for $25 without Goody Bag purchase. Picnic tables are first come first serve without table reservation or Goody bag purchase.

Celebrate the big day with an unforgettable adventure playing in the treetops.

( Q ) Do You Have Concessions Or Sell Snacks And Drinks On Site?

( A ) We have a concession stand which offers the following:

Drinks: water, sports drinks, soft drinks - $1 to $3
Snacks: prepackaged chips, candy and granola bars, pickles, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, and popsicles - $1 to $3

(Prices and availability subject to change without notice)

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